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Developing Champions, One Individual at a Time



Bose Tennis is a modern full service tennis management company. Our programs are designed for all levels regardless of background or ability. Bose Tennis is professionally licensed and insured to provide any and all tennis services...



In our own back yard and around the world, Bose Tennis strives for excellence and professionalism. With a can-do, winning attitude we practice what we preach.



Bose Tennis provides clients with the optimum tennis experience. See what we've been up to.


Bose Tennis is committed to delivering premier tennis services worldwide to individuals, clubs, teams and organizations regardless of abilities, ages, and backgrounds.


We focus on developing character, independence, discipline and perseverance through the game of tennis. Our goal is to use tennis as a gateway to teach life lessons to all of our clients. We strive to foster compassionate, responsible, healthy and selfless individuals that positively contribute to our society.

"My parents invested in Alex to coach me on and off the court during a pivotal time in my life. His influence and guidance on me is unmistakable, and my admiration is infinite."

Jeremy Lieberman, 

Columbia University Alumni, Harvard University Alumni

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